The Abyss has been relocated

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The Shops – Destinations – The Abyss

Hydrogen Oxide

•January 14, 2011 • 5 Comments

Hey minions. Last post for a while. I am working on a new project separate from <TheAbyss>. I will let you guys in on it soon. All you need to know is it’s gonna be huge! So get excited. πŸ™‚

Until then, you have this to be excited about:

Comes with a crazy walk animation (optional) that will make for a few laughs. Great fun if you’re into that. I can’t take all the credit for this. Saturn Alchemi and I took on this project together. We wanted to do something out of the ordinary and I am pretty thrilled about the outcome. I hope you guys have fun with it as much as we did.


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Everything is sorted out and I am ready to get back to work. πŸ™‚

Thank you LL!

Dear x Linden,

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If you happen see this, please help me out if you can. All of my accounts have been frozen, including several of my friends’.Β  I have submitted a ticket with a photo identification. The case number is 01008609. I have still not heard back. One of my friends needs her account back urgently because she is losing a lot of money.

I do not understand the reasoning behind this decision. I have not violated the TOS and neither have any of my friends. I can only figure this is some kind of conspiracy. I would really appreciate an explanation.

Doing a bit of research and seeing others in the same predicament over virtually petty matters (no pun intended), and not hearing back from Linden Lab for months if at all, has me a bit paranoid and disappointed with the way you are handling things. Something needs to be done about that don’t you think?

All in all, I am passionate about Second Life and would like to continue being a part of it.

Thank you!


Mars Absent

Project Themeory: The Weird Awards

•November 7, 2010 • 1 Comment

Yes, that is a fetus inside a jar.. with straps attached so you can wear it on your back for your convenience.

I’ll leave this marked for L$75 for 48 hours at the teleport spot.



•October 21, 2010 • 6 Comments

I am in the middle of redoing the way <TheAbyss> is set up. The goal is to make trying to find things not suck. So for now, you can get this skin+shape at the Call for Couture Festival. Skin tone is light/mod and the eyes I used are from ID_1208. I’ll make more skin tones pretty soon.

Oh, and hair if you want to finish off the “chaosity” concept.

15 Costumes

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Brave New Fashion

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( please excuse the lack of anti-aliasing ><)

…coming soon.


(your avatar will beg for your mercy.)

Philip Linden winnar?

•October 17, 2010 • 5 Commentsο»Ώ

wee I won. πŸ™‚

I’d just like to thank all my little minions first and for most, my family for always being there for me, and my pure skill pwnage. Mostly the last part. I’m kidding! But seriously, I’m happy that Philip found a new avatar that he is thrilled about. and I just want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus.

Update 2010.10.17

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I will show at Burn 2 this year, Tuesday, October 19th at 6:00PM PDT more specifically. So be there. πŸ™‚ Most of what I will show there will be nothing new, but there will be a new dress I made in collaboration with a friend of mine recently to look out for. Also, that Chaosity outfit I made for the CFC festival will be shown at the Call for Couture Runway Show Wednesday, October 20th at 11:00AM PDT. So be there to see it live in action. πŸ™‚

Oops and I forgot to mention, the new skin I was talking about before will be released on the 20th in conjunction with the cfc runway show event.